Green Party of Virginia Statement on the 2020 Presidential Election Results

The Green Party of Virginia wishes to thank our members and allies across the state for voting Green for Howie Hawkins and Angela Walker during the 2020 election. Every vote for the Green Party sent the message to the two-party establishment that we refuse to give away our power to a system that does not represent our values. As Hawkins said, we refused to get "lost in the sauce."

Virginia Greens realize that the end of Donald Trump’s presidency does not mean an end to the struggle against authoritarianism, militarism, systemic racism, environmental destruction and corporate control of our government. We hold out little hope that Joe Biden’s political record and support for a for-profit medical insurance system, a continuation of fracking and nuclear energy, along with his policies responsible for mass incarceration, illegal wars and a student debt crisis will make a real difference to the biggest threats we face - current and future pandemics, unsustainable inequality, climate change and nuclear annihilation. Failures of a Biden administration, and of the Democratic establishment, will continue to pave the way for future candidates far more threatening and capable than Donald Trump if the corporate controlled two-party system is allowed to continue.

The Green Party is the only national corporate-free party with established ballot lines ready to challenge the duopoly. Our platform includes imperative majority supported policies - the original Green New Deal, single payer Medicare For All healthcare, social and economic justice with a just transition for displaced workers, ranked-choice voting, proportional representation, and an end to perpetual wars - solutions equal to the crises we face.

We offer a positive vision of a society that lives with nature, rather than against it; that has truly democratic institutions; that is peaceful at home and abroad; and that has deep and equitable justice for all. We call on all those who agree with this vision to join us and build power in the true people’s party now with our sights on 2021 and beyond!