AC Mission Statement

The following proposal was presented at the February 13, 2005, GPVA quarterly business meeting as the basis for a working committee, with language to be added to the bylaws at a later date. The committee was approved by consensus.

  • Definition
    • The GPVA shall have an Activism Committee, accountable to the GPVA and responsible for issues advocacy.
  • Composition
    • The Activism Committee is open to any member of the GPVA.
    • Members of the Activism Committee shall select a Chair.
  • Responsibilities
    • The Activism Committee shall discuss and make recommendations on issues advocacy and outreach strategy.
    • The Activism Committee shall organize issues oriented events at the statewide level and at the national level in conjunction with the GPUS.
    • The Activism Committee shall reach out to activist organizations as partners.
    • The Activism Committee shall monitor the state legislature and make recommendations on influencing legislation to the GPVA.
    • The Activism Committee shall report its activities at each quarterly business meeting.