Ten Key Values

Ten Key Values of the Greens

Greens in the United States are defined by Ten Key Values which we hold. There is no official definition of these values. The following is one interpretation:

Ecological Wisdom

Whatever we do to the web of life, we do to ourselves. We advocate stewardship of our resources for the continued health of our communities and our planet.

Social Justice

Everyone should share in the fruits of our society regardless of gender, race, sexual orientation, class, age, or disability. We work for a world in which all can live free of fear and discrimination

Grassroots Democracy

Citizens have the right and responsibility to participate in the environmental, political, and economic decisions that affect their lives.


We reject violence at all levels of society, from the family to the nation. We promote peace by working for justice and by advocating non-violent resolution to conflict.


Concentration of wealth and power in the hands of the few contributes to social and economic injustice as well as environmental destruction. We call for the return of local decision-making so individuals and communities may act in their own best interests.

Community-Based Economics

We support the strengthening of local communities by encouraging economic self-reliance in all ways practical.


We call for cooperative ways of interacting to replace the cultural ethics of domination and control. We actively promote equal rights for all citizens.

Respect for Diversity

We support the cultural, ethnic, racial, sexual, religious and spiritual diversity among all people. We also cherish and encourage the preservation of the earth's biodiversity.

Personal & Global Responsibility

As individuals, we strive to be mindful of our interconnectedness, to consider the effect of our actions and lifestyle choices on the earth and all its inhabitants.

Future Focus & Sustainability

For love of our children, we consider the long range consequences of current actions. For the sake of future generations, we seek to create a society which meets the needs of everyone within the natural limits of the earth.