Green Party of Virginia Opposes Del-Mar Fracked Gas Pipeline Expansion Stands in Solidarity with Maryland Green Party

The Green Party of Virginia (GPVA) stands in solidarity with our comrades and allies in Maryland who are resisting the Del-Mar fracked gas pipeline being constructed along the Delmarva Peninsula. If this pipeline is completed it would further entrench our reliance on fossil fuels, and increases risks of environmental damage to Virginians on the Eastern Shore.

The GPVA is committed to stopping all new fossil fuel infrastructure in Virginia, and instead push for a 100% renewable energy system. The GPVA has stood alongside countless activists, landowners, and workers to successfully oppose the Atlantic Coast Pipeline. We continue to stand in solidarity with those fighting the Mountain Valley Pipeline. We will oppose any attempt to extend additional fossil fuel infrastructure into the state and will work with those already opposing this project on the Delmarva Peninsula, including the Maryland Green Party.

We call upon Greens all along the Eastern Shore to support efforts to halt this dangerous pipeline that would hinder us from transitioning to a 100% green, renewable energy system and threaten the well-being of Virginians across the state.

GPVA Co-Chair Blaizen B Bloom said, "At a time when we need to be transitioning rapidly towards renewable energy, projects like this that entrench our dependence on fossil fuels are a direct threat to the survival of future generations. We are living in a climate emergency, and building additional fossil fuel infrastructure will only add to that crisis."