Green Party of Virginia Declares Solidarity with Sanders Delegation In Their Demands For Medicare for All

The Green Party of Virginia (GPVA) declared its support for the Bernie Sanders delegates to the Democratic National Convention who voted today in opposition to the party's rejection of Medicare for All. The Green Party has supported universal, single-payer healthcare for decades, and its nominee, Howie Hawkins, remains the only presidential candidate running on a platform that includes a community-centered single-payer Medicare For All system.

Co-Chair Ryan Wesdock said in regards to the Sanders delegation that, "the rebellious Sanders delegates courageously stood up for healthcare as a human right when few in their party leadership dare to oppose the interests of pharmaceutical and health insurance companies. The fight for Medicare for All is a fight for life and human decency, especially during a global pandemic."

Co-Chair Tina Rockett added, “Medicare for All is needed now more than ever with people losing healthcare along with their jobs due to the fallout of COVID-19. Studies have shown a universal, single-payer Medicare For All system would create millions of new jobs in the healthcare, education and ancillary sectors of the economy, offsetting losses from the unnecessary for-profit health insurance industry and the financial devastation of medical bankruptcy would be eliminated.”

We urge the Sanders delegates and the majority of Americans who support Medicare For All to join us!