GPVA FIles Lawsuit Seeking Waiver of Signature Requirement of Ballot Access

The Green Party of Virginia joined this week with additional plaintiffs in the Libertarian Party of Virginia and Independent Green Party to formally file an amended legal complaint and motion for a complete waiver of signature requirements for ballot access for federal offices. Plaintiffs named in the lawsuit include candidates for president and vice president, the U.S. Senate, and the U.S. House of Representatives.

The Green Party of Virginia has successfully petitioned for ballot access in previous presidential election cycles, but under the restrictions of this pandemic, Green candidates like the other plaintiffs have been prevented from collecting signatures because doing so would violate social distancing and endanger the health of both the petitioners and the general public. Keeping the ballot petitioning requirements in place will deny independents and third Parties a place on the ballot for these offices in the November election, which would be a violation of citizens' fundamental political right to vote for the candidates representative of their choice.

Speaking on the necessity of the lawsuit, GPVA co-chair Ryan Wesdock said, "The COVID-19 pandemic and subsequent executive orders from the Governor have made it impossible to safely and legally acquire the needed number of signatures for ballot access. Only a complete and total waiver of signature requirements will be adequate to ensure that every Virginian has a truly democratic vote this November."