GPVA Responds to the State of the Union

Contrary to the views of President Trump, we will not make our country stronger or safer by demonizing immigrants. International peace will never be secured through violence and unbridled militarism. Wasting over $1,000,000,000 on expanding the world's largest nuclear arsenal will not deter our enemies, but merely create more opportunities for accidents. Tax cuts have meant nothing to the millions of workers who haven't received a raise in decades. Violating the civil liberties of immigrants, suspected criminals, and American citizens will never make us more secure. We cannot afford to continue down this path of corporate capitalism, xenophobia, and militarism if we are to address the problems of the 21st century.

Only the Green Party has genuine, progressive solutions to the problems of violence, climate change, and inequality. To end death and war, we need an international commitment to peace and diplomacy. Instead of sending our sons and daughters to die in overseas conflicts, we should ensure that they grow up in a world where they always have enough to eat, always have a decent home to live in, and have a strong education. We must protect our future against the ravages of climate change by investing heavily in renewable infrastructure in a Green New Deal. This deal will also help reduce inequality by providing jobs for tens of thousands of Americans. To truly fix these problems, though, requires deeper changes in our culture, our government and our lives. It is time to promote municipal ownership of resources, worker cooperatives, and other forms of economic democracy. And it is time to ensure that every single person in the United States has access to free healthcare and free higher education.

The problems facing America today are serious, but we won't solve them through hatred and division. Instead, we must unite behind a message of Grassroots Democracy, Social Justice, Peace, and Ecological Wisdom.