2020 Ballot Access Efforts

Thank you for helping us with ballot access this year! This is an important endeavor. To get started view the guide below and then download and complete the petition.

Steps to Petition

1. Download and print either the letter size or legal size petition, front and back.
2. Gather signatures from registered VA voters. They have to sign and then print, which is backwards from most forms, so be sure to point this out to them. Each petition form can only be used to gather signatures from ONE county or independent city.
3. Get the form notarized by a notary at a bank, library, or elsewhere.
4. Mail the forms to P.O. Box 845, Blacksburg, VA 24063 by August 10.
5. Feel good knowing that you are the reason there will be a REAL progressive choice on the ballot this November!

Make copies of the petition form to use when gathering petitions. Remember that copies must be "front and back," but can use either the letter size or the legal size copy. Petitions printed across two pieces of paper will be rejected by the Virginia Board of Elections (VBE). You will need to use a separate petition form for registered voters of each locality (county or independent city) in which your signers reside. (Write in the County/City in the place provided on the form.) You CANNOT collect signatures from registered voters from multiple localities on the same form. For example, signers from Manassas and Manassas Park will need to sign separate forms. Make sure you write the name of the locality in which the voter is registered on the appropriate line. Some localities can be confusing. For example, if a voter tells you they are registered in Roanoke, you will need to ask them if they mean Roanoke City or Roanoke County and have them fill out the corresponding petition. For those gathering signatures at home or among friends and family members only due to COVID-19, please note that you cannot witness your own signature. Someone else will need to witness your signature and complete the back of the petition with the notary.

If you are unable to print petitions, and would like some mailed to you, or if you have any other questions please contact our ballot access coordinator at ryan.wesdock@gmail.com.


We need 2500 signatures by August 21 to get our presidential candidate on
the ballot! To help us get enough signatures, we are issuing a 25 signature
challenge - to get just 25 signatures by August 10! That's only a bit more
than 1 signature a day! If we get enough people to take this challenge we
will be well over our 2500 signatures well before August 21! I hope you
will take it and encourage friends and family to take it too!

To help, we have designed a challenge packet which includes directions on
how to get started, a guide to gathering signatures, a list of each
county/independent city, and petitions in both letter and legal size to be
downloaded and printed!

Of course, you can always get more than 25 if you wish! Get them from
friends/family if you are quarantining or, if you feel safe, from others,

We should be clear, though, that we are not gathering these signatures
without great reservation. We sued the state so that we could waive this
requirement entirely in the face of the pandemic. They declined, granting
us only a 50% waiver - even as COVID cases have increased in Virginia. This
is an injustice, but it is one we will have to suffer. We must continue to
fight to ensure all Virginians get a real choice at the ballot box this