2020 Ballot Access Efforts

UPDATE 2: While we continue our efforts in the courts, we will still likely need to collect some signatures. To that end, we are resuming our ballot collection efforts. If you would like to gather signatures, please download our petition below, print it according to the directions, and start gathering signatures! If you are a member of a local, help your local host events at which people can come sign the petition. For any questions, or to submit your signatures once collected, please contact our ballot access coordinator at ryan.wesdock@gmail.com.

UPDATE: In light of the COVID-19 pandemic, and the subsequent state of emergency declaration by Governor Ralph Northam, we are temporarily suspending in-person petitioning. Instead, we will be petitioning the state government to waive the petitioning portion of ballot access. But we still need your help to get on the ballot this year! How can you help?

1) Sign our virtual petition! While this is not legally binding, the petition will indicate to elected officials and in any potential court case that we would have been able to gather the necessary number of signatures.

2) Sign our petition letting the Governor know that you want to see third parties on the ballot this year!

3) If you would be willing to get petition signatures if the coronavirus were not a consideration, please fill out this form. Getting a good estimate of how many signatures we might have gotten will help us if we need to go to court. If you say you are willing to sign a legal affidavit that you were willing to get signatures, we will contact you about that process.

4) Donate! If we have to go to court to give Virginians a true choice at the ballot box in November, we will. But court cases can be costly, so your support is essential during this time.

5) While we are suspending our in-person petitioning, you can still download and fill out the petition of qualified voters with those in your household. As a reminder, you cannot witness your own signature. This means someone else will need to collect your signature. Directions for how to complete these forms can be found below.

Thank you for helping us with ballot access this year! This is an important endeavor. To get started view the guide below and then download and complete the petition.

Make copies of the petition form to use when gathering petitions. Remember that copies must be "front and back" on legal size (8.5x14 inch) paper. Petitions printed across two pieces of paper will be rejected by the Virginia Board of Elections (VBE). You will need to use a separate petition form for registered voters of each locality (county or independent city) in which your signers reside. (Write in the County/City in the place provided on the form.) You CANNOT collect signatures from registered voters from multiple localities on the same form. For example, signers from Manassas and Manassas Park will need to sign separate forms. Make sure you write the name of the locality in which the voter is registered on the appropriate line. Some localities can be confusing. For example, if a voter tells you they are registered in Roanoke, you will need to ask them if they mean Roanoke City or Roanoke County and have them fill out the corresponding petition.

If you are unable to print petitions, and would like some mailed to you, or if you have any other questions please contact our ballot access coordinator at ryan.wesdock@gmail.com.