What Greens are about

1. The status quo cannot continue. Particularly the ecological failures. So it will not continue. We intend to create a decent alternative. Something sustainable.

2. We can only do that by persuading the public. Violent revolution and authoritarian methods will not work. They are not sustainable.

3. We want to arrange that nobody gets oppressed. When minorities of any kind feel oppressed by majorities or by big government or big corporations, that potentially causes problems. Part of the problem is to reduce the amount that minorities oppress each other.

4. We need radical changes. But how do you make radical changes that actually work? If you write a computer program it will not work without extensive testing, and even then there will be bugs. So we propose to have many small local systems that can attempt radical changes on a small scale, and try to copy the ones that work better, more than ones that work worse.

5. In general, small simple systems work better than giant complex systems. They respond quicker and better to local conditions. They are easier to build, easier to fix, and easier to replace. So we prefer small systems when possible. Local government, local economies, etc. However, we also prefer to avoid local oppression of local minorities.

6. We have a collection of proposals that generally fit into these principles. Local democracy, avoid violence, avoid oppression, promote survival. Try new approaches locally and spread what works. Our general proposals will need many specific choices in each location.

7. We are generally regarded as leftist. This is because we intend to create a system that works for everyone. People on the right tend to assume that a system that allows maximum freedom will give everyone what they deserve. Greens also want as much freedom as we can arrange consistent with human survival and reducing the amount that we oppress each other. We try to further the goals of left and right both, but our membership so far has been more left than right.