Green Party Welcomes Progressives

DNC Chair Selection Supports Establishment Party Loyalists
Richmond, VA February 28, 2017

The Green Party of Virginia wishes to express its disappointment in the Democratic National Committee's selection of establishment chairmanship candidate Tom Perez. Although the selection of a Latino is to be applauded this is a clear demonstration that the Democratic Party will not be the party of the progressive movement.

The GPVA recognizes that many progressives were disappointed in the DNC during the 2016 election cycle and the subsequent self-destruction caused by its handling of their nomination process and fatally flawed candidate.

It is also recognized that many progressives who have attempted to remain loyal to the Democratic Party will now be joining the “DemExit” movement in search of a new political home.

Therefore, the Green Party of Virginia extends open arms to these disenfranchised progressives who now realize that they need a new political home, one that honors their ideals. We invite all those who believe in grassroots democracy, non-violence, ecological wisdom, and social justice to join the true party of progressives, a party in which their politics will be championed, and not merely paid lip-service to and then suppressed in the service of corporate greed.

GPVA Co-Chair Tamar Yager of Front Royal offered this statement, “I speak to all of the progressive democrats in asking you to join with us. It is here that you may help shape a movement and a party that will lead progressives forward.”