Arlington Housing Authority Referendum now on November ballot!

The lack of affordable housing in Arlington, Virginia has reached critical proportions. In fact, it is estimated that two thirds of all affordable housing units in the county have been lost in the last decade. The Arlington Green Party (AGP) has been successful in getting a referendum on the 2013 ballot that would create a housing authority to increase the supply of affordable housing.

On June 15, 2013, Arlington Green Party chair Steve Davis stood before the Arlington County Board to announce the AGP's successful collection of qualifying signatures and ask that the board approve the referendum for placement on the November ballot. A transcript of this speech can be downloaded below.

As illuminated in a recent Washington Post Article by Patricia Sullivan, this six-month petition drive collected 2,845 signatures, or 2 percent of active voters, and will be the third time Arlington voters have weighed in on the question.

"The difference this time is that people have recognized this is a problem," said Steve Davis, chairman of the Arlington Green Party. "The current policies haven't worked. It's time to try something different."

For more information, and to help promote this referendum, contact Audrey Clement, and visit the AGP website!

For more information on the benefits of a housing authority in Arlington, download the flyer below.